how to revive sun faded coffee table without sanding

Simple steps to revive sun faded coffee table without sanding

Are you fed up of your sun faded coffee table which is changing even more with every zenith of the sun? But sanding it, to restore its color doesn’t sound intriguing but effective methods do exist to make it look good as new without having to sand it. Here we discuss the steps to revive it without sanding:

Clean the Table

Once you have fully dried the table, you need to make sure it is clean and free of dust. It is best to use a tack cloth which can pick up all the dirt, dust, and debris. Lastly, use a slightly damp cloth to wipe of remaining dirt particles.

Fill Surface Imperfections

To fill in the cracks and any other surface imperfections, you can use wood filler. Carefully spread it over the table with a putty knife working in a straight line. Wipe it off until smooth and let it dry according to instructions.

Mask the Table Edges

Depending upon the paint you are using, carefully mask off the edges of the table with tape. Make sure to cover the entire perimeter including parts of the legs.

Restore Color or Stain

This is the most important step to add back the charm of the faded table. You can either use a color restoring sealer or sandwich it between two layers of regular paint. For dark woods, you can use a wood stain or you can use a clear wax to accommodate any other additional color.


Once the color has been restored, you can now use a brush to re-polish the entire table. After that, use a dry and soft cloth to buff it. This will give it the extra shine and color it needs.

And there you have it! Your sun faded coffee table is now good as new without having to sand it.

These are the simple steps you can take to revive your sun faded coffee table without sanding. The effects may be short-lived but they’re worth the effort and time. Above all, it’s more eco-friendly way of restoring the charm of your table like it was before.

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