how to replace glass coffee table top

Replacing a Glass Coffee Table Top

When the glass top of your favorite coffee table has seen better days, don’t worry – it’s easy to give your furniture a makeover. Here’s how to replace a glass coffee table top quickly and safely.

Steps for Replacing a Glass Coffee Table Top

  • Choose and Measure the New Top – Measure the existing glass top (and any additional components such as clamps) and select an appropriate size and shape from a local glass shop. Certain quartz tables may call for high-polished edges or a specialized finish, and the shop staff can help advise you on the best materials and design options.
  • Remove the Old Glass Top – Carefully lift the existing glass top away from the base of the table, making sure the glass doesn’t wobble or shift. If there are screws (or anything else) in the way, use a pair of pliers or adjustable spanner to loosen and remove them.
  • Prepare the Base – Once the top has been removed, use a dust cloth to clean and clear away any dust, dirt or particles on the bottom surface. This will help secure the new top firmly for maximum durability.
  • Test Fit the New Top – Make sure the new glass top fits snuggly on the table base, and adjust if necessary. This will also help you judge how much glazing sealant to use when you attach the top to the base.
  • Attach It To the Base – Use a glazing sealant to attach the new top to the base, making sure the surface is completely level. Once the sealant has dried, the glass will be firmly and securely attached.
  • Secure It With Clamps – If your coffee table came with clamps, attach them to the base and tighten firmly to ensure your new top stays securely in place.

Tips for Replacing a Glass Coffee Table Top

  • Let a professional handle any required cutting and edging of the glass.
  • Wear protective gloves while handling the glass to avoid injury.
  • Be gentle when removing and replacing the glass – don’t throw or drag it around.

Replacing a glass table top doesn’t require specialized tools or skills. Follow these steps, and you’ll be able to give your furniture a new lease of life in no time.

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