how to repair scratched glass coffee table

How to Repair a Scratched Glass Coffee Table

It’s not easy when your glass coffee table takes a hit, but luckily scratching the glass of your coffee table is something you can usually fix. Taking a few precautionary steps can help to prevent scratches from appearing in the future.

What You’ll Need

  • White Vinegar
  • Cotton Swab
  • Oil
  • Glass Polish
  • Lint-free Cloth
  • Glass Cleaner

Steps to Repair

  1. Pour a couple of drops of white vinegar and a few drops of oil onto the scratch. Massage the vinegar and oil into the scratch using a cotton swab.
  2. Once the scratch has been covered with the vinegar and oil mixture, apply a generous amount of glass polish onto the scratch by using a lint-free cloth. Buff the scratch in a circular motion until it is gone.
  3. Finish off the repair by cleaning the glass table with glass cleaner, ensuring the area is streak free and clear.

Precautionary Steps

  • Placing felt pads or covering the feet of the table will help to prevent scratches to the glass.
  • Using coasters and placemats when serving food and beverages will protect the surface from stains and potentially scratching.
  • Wiping down the glass with a soft microfiber cloth after every use will help to remove any dust or particles.

With a little bit of cleaning, oil, and elbow grease, your glass coffee table can look as good as new.

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