how to renovate a teak coffee table

How to Renovate a Teak Coffee Table

A teak coffee table is an elegant and durable piece of furniture, but it may eventually need a facelift. Fortunately, DIY enthusiasts can easily bring a teak coffee table to its former glory with a few tools and a bit of elbow grease.


  • Sand the Surface: Begin by sanding the surface of the table with a medium-grit sandpaper. This will help smooth out the surface and any blemishes.
  • Fill in Gaps: Look for any small cracks in the tables surface caused by shrinking or warping. If found, fill them with wood putty and sand the area again when dry.
  • Apply Teak Oil: Teak oil should be applied to the entire surface of the table. This will help to bring out the natural beauty found within the wood.
  • Varnish the Wood: Once the teak oil has been applied, use a clear varnish to seal the wood and protect the table from future wear and tear.
  • Buff and Polish: To give your teak coffee table a glossy finish, buff it with a clean cloth and polish it with an appropriate furniture wax.

Renovating a teak coffee table is an easy project that can yield beautiful results. With a few tools and supplies, you can bring a weathered teak table back to life and give it a whole new look.

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