how to remove scratches on coffee table

How to Remove Scratches on a Coffee Table

Coffee tables are a great addition to any living space. Not only do they give you a great place to set up your coffee and relax, but they also serve as a great focal point for the room. Unfortunately, coffee tables can easily get scratched, whether it be from clumsy guests, clumsy pets, or kids who just haven’t quite gotten the hang of no running around the house just yet. If this has happened to your coffee table, here are some tips for removing the scratches:

Fixing Light Scratches

  • Start by cleaning dirt from the scratch and the table itself – Using a damp cloth to do this will ensure that any dirt and debris that might have gotten into the scratch will be removed.
  • Fade out the scratch with a furniture crayon – Match the furniture crayon to the color of the coffee table as best you can. You may need to mix crayon colors if your table is an unusual shade or if the scratch is relatively deep.
  • Buff with a clean cloth – After the crayon has been applied, use a clean, soft cloth to buff it out.

Fixing Deep Scratches

  • Start by sanding the scratch – Use a sandpaper made for furniture to do this, preferably with very fine 360-grit sandpaper. Sand away from the grain of the wood, being very careful to not make the scratch any deeper than it already is.
  • Apply wood filler – Fill the scratch with a wood filler that matches the color of the table. Make sure to gently scrape away any excess filler before it dries.
  • Sand the wood filler – Once the wood filler has dried, use your sandpaper to gently sand it until it’s level with the rest of the table.
  • Polish the table – Use a furniture polish designed for wood furniture to make the table look like new.

With these tips, you should be able to successfully remove the scratches from your coffee table and restore it to its former glory. Remember to take your time and go slow whenever you’re touching up the wood in order to make sure you don’t make any mistakes or accidentally make the scratch any deeper. Good luck!

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