how to remove scratches from a glass coffee table

How to Remove Scratches From Your Glass Coffee Table

Having a glass coffee table looks stylish and elegant, but one of the drawbacks is its vulnerability to scratches. Glass coffee tables are prone to scratches due to everyday use, but there are a few simple ways to restore their look.

Before You Begin

  • Gather Your Materials – rubbing alcohol, polish, flour, a soft cloth and a wax protector.
  • Test an Unseen Area – Before you start to remove the scratches from your glass coffee table, make sure to test a small and unseen area of the table to ensure that the cleaning product won’t damage the surface.

Removing Scratches with Rubbing Alcohol

  • Clean the Surface – Start by cleaning the scratched area on your coffee table with rubbing alcohol. This will ensure that the dirt and oils that have built-up won’t be rubbed into the scratches.
  • Apply the Rubbing Alcohol – Using a soft cloth, dab the rubbing alcohol directly onto the scratched area and gently rub it into the scratch.
  • Rinse Clean – Once you’ve finished applying the rubbing alcohol, rinse your cloth and rinse the entire surface of the glass coffee table.

Polishing To Remove Scratches

  • Polish the Scratch – For deep scratches, you can use a mild polish on the area. Take a small amount of polish and apply it to the scratched area.
  • Rub Until Smooth – Gently rub the polish over the scratch and the surrounding area until the scratches are no longer visible.
  • Rinse Clean Again – Once you are satisfied with the results, rinse the coffee table with clean water.

DIY Remedy for Scratched Glass

  • Mix Flour and Water – A simple homemade solution to clean scratches in glass involves mixing together two parts of flour with one part of water in a bowl.
  • Form a Paste – Using a soft cloth, apply a thick layer of the paste onto the scratched area and the surrounding areas.
  • Let it Sink In – Allow the paste to sit on the area for several minutes before wiping it off.

Protection To Prevent Further Damage

  • Wax To Protect – To help protect the glass coffee table from further damage, use a wax protector. This product will form a protective layer, making it more difficult for further scratches to occur.
  • Wipe Down – Wipe the entire table surface with a soft, lint-free cloth.

Removing scratches from your glass coffee table doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Whether with rubbing alcohol, polish or a DIY remedy, you can make your glass coffee table look brand new. Remember to use a wax protector to help prevent further damage and you’ll be able to enjoy your glass coffee table for many years to come.

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