how to remove growned in durt from wood coffee table

How to Remove Growned In Dirt from Wood Coffee Table

A wood coffee table is an elegant and timeless piece of furniture, but when dirt and debris get embedded in the surface, it’s essential to remove them with the right cleaning methods. Stones, errant grains of food, and dusted dirt can create an unsightly surface and reduce the shine of the table. Here are the steps to follow for a thorough clean.

Steps for Cleaning a Wood Coffee Table

  • Start with Vacuuming – Using an upright or handheld vacuum, start by thoroughly cleaning all surfaces. This will help remove any dust, dirt, and debris that’s settled on the table.
  • Mix Soap and Water – Make a mild solution with a few drops of soap and warm water. Dip a soft cloth in the solution and start wiping down the table one section at a time. Ensure all surfaces are cleaned including the legs.
  • Scrub with Steel Wool – Apply firm pressure with steel wool to remove stubborn dirt and grime. The steel wool is ideal as it won’t scratch the surface, like a wire brush would.
  • Treat with Wood-Friendly Cleaner – Use a wood-friendly all-purpose cleaner after scrubbing. Apply with a soft brush and work the solution into tougher corners.
  • Rinse with a Damp Towel – With a damp towel, wipe down the entire surface and the corners of the table. This will help reduce any soap residue that can give the wood an unappealing finish.
  • Polish the Surface – Apply a thin layer of wax or paste furniture polish onto the table with a soft cloth. Buff the surface until the polish has been absorbed.

Additional Tips for Cleaning

  • Never use a wire brush or scouring pads when cleaning wood furniture.
  • Change cleaning solutions regularly and thoroughly. Re-using solutions can damage the wood and reduce the shine.
  • Don’t let liquids stand on the wood and wipe the area immediately to prevent discoloration.
  • Using a soft toothbrush can help reach the more intricate parts and corners of the wood.
  • Steam-clean the surface with a steam-cleaner to give the table an extra shine.

Follow these steps regularly to ensure the wood furniture retains its shine. For tough dirt and stains, mix a soft solution of oxalic acid and warm water and apply with a soft cloth.

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