how to remove grease from glass coffee table

How to Remove Grease From a Glass Coffee Table

Grease can be difficult to remove, especially if it’s been left to sit on a surface for some time. Fortunately, with the proper cleaning method, you can get rid of grease on a glass coffee table.

Steps to Follow:

  • Blot the Grease

    Take a cloth and press it directly on the affected area, absorbing as much of the grease as possible.

  • Spray with Glass Cleaner

    Spray the area with glass cleaner, making sure to cover the entire affected area.

  • Wipe with Paper Towel

    Take a paper towel and wipe the area with it in a circular motion.

  • Polish with Clean Cloth

    Use a clean cloth to polish the original surface of the glass.

By following these steps, you can remove most grease from a glass coffee table. However, if the grease is stubborn and won’t come off, it may be time to call a professional.

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