how to remove candle wax from glass coffee table

How to Remove Candle Wax from a Glass Coffee Table

Candles can add a beautiful ambience to any room, but they can also leave behind a mess. If you have recently burned a candle on your glass coffee table you may now find drips and dried wax stuck to the glass surface. Fortunately, there are several simple and predictable steps you can take to successfully remove candle wax from your glass coffee table.

What You Will Need:

  • A hair dryer
  • Old newspapers
  • A few paper towels
  • Glass cleaner

Step 1:

Before you start to clean you may want to place some old newspapers or a drop cloth down underneath your coffee table as the wax may drip onto the floor or furniture as you are cleaning.

Step 2:

Set the hair dryer to its lowest setting and hold it several inches away from the wax. Aim the heat so that it is directed on the spot of wax and not the glass.

Step 3:

Allow the area to heat from the hair dryer for a few minutes until the wax starts to peel away from the glass. Then, using your paper towel, gently wipe away the melted wax. If you are having trouble peeling away the wax, increase the heat a bit.

Step 4:

Use the glass cleaner to remove any remaining residue. If necessary, you can use a soft cloth to buff away the wax and cleaner. Be sure to move in circular motions when wiping the surface of your glass coffee table as this will help prevent streakiness or scratches.

Step 5:

Be sure to examine your glass before you apply the polish or put down the newspaper, to make sure all of the wax has been removed.

By following these simple steps, the candle wax on your glass coffee table should be removed and your glass should look as good as new.

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