how to remove candle wax from glass coffee table

Getting Rid Of Candle Wax From A Glass Coffee Table

Candle wax has a tendency to drip from candles and onto many surfaces of our homes, including our coffee tables. If you have candle wax on your glass coffee table, don’t worry – it’s easy to remove! Follow these easy steps:

#1 Freeze the Wax

Before attempting to remove the wax, use a paper towel to collect as much of it as possible. Once you have collected as much as you can, freeze the wax by filling a large zip-lock bag with ice and placing it onto the wax. The cold temperatures will harden the wax, allowing it to chip away easily.

#2 Wrap a Towel

After freezing, cover the wax with a towel and press with a warm iron. The heat generated by the iron will cause the wax to attach to the towel, transferring it from the glass.

#3 Scrape Away All of the Remaining Wax

If the wax didn’t all transfer to the towel, use a plastic knife or another form of blunt knife to scrape away any remaining wax on the table.

#4 Clean the Area

Once all of the wax is removed, use glass cleaner to clean the table and a soft cloth to wipe away all residue.

When properly following these steps, you can feel confident that your glass coffee table will be wax-free!

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