how to remove candle wax from glass coffee table

How to Remove Candle Wax from Glass Coffee Table

Have you recently had a lovely dinner or parties with your loved ones,adorned with candle-light? Though it makes for a cozy environment, the candles may have left some wax on your glass coffee table! If your glass coffee table has encountered candle wax, you are probably now wondering how to remove it. Thankfully, there are some very simple steps that you can take to get rid of the candle wax from your glass table without scratching or damaging the glass.

Steps to Remove Candle Wax:

  • Put the Glass Coffee Table in the Freezer. Placing the glass coffee table in the freezer is the very first step in removing the candle wax. Make sure the glass is completely covered with the wax. The wax will become brittle when chilled and can be easily scrapped off.
  • Scrape off the Wax. Using an old and clean credit card, scrape the wax off the glass table. Make sure to use a light hand as you don’t want to mess up the table.
  • Clean the Remaining Residue. After scraping off the wax using the credit card, use a dry cloth to clean the remaining residue. This should take care of the rest of the wax.
  • Polish the Table. Once all the wax is removed, use a good quality glass cleaner and a soft cloth to polish the table and make it look good as new.

Once you have followed the above-mentioned steps, you should have a clean and shiny glass coffee table that looks like it just came out of the store! Though candle wax can leave unsightly marks on glass, it is relatively easy to remove it if you follow the above steps. So if you ever find candle wax on your table, you can now rest assured that the wax can easily be removed following the steps discussed above.

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