how to refurbish glass coffee table

How to Refurbish Glass Coffee Tables

Glass coffee tables look stunning, but to keep them that way they require more specialised care than the usual wooden furniture. If your glass coffee table’s glass has become dull, scratched, and dirty, it may be time to give it a facelift. Here’s a step-by-step guide to refurbishing your glass coffee table:

Step 1: Prep the Table

  • Put newspaper or a plastic sheet on the floor and place the glass table top on it.
  • Clean the surface of the table with a soft cloth and glass cleaner. Use circular movements and avoid applying too much force to the cleaner.
  • If there are scratches on the surface, use abrasive paper to sand them down.
  • Dust off the surface of the glass with a soft cloth or a duster.

Step 2: Re-Etching

  • When the surface of the table is free from dust, you can begin re-etching the surface with hydrofluoric acid.
  • Make sure to wear the appropriate safety clothing, eye protection and gloves.
  • Apply the acid with a soft cloth and rub in a circular motion.
  • Once you’ve finished etching the surface, rinse the table with cold water.

Step 3: Repainting

  • Once the table has been rinsed, it’s time to add colour to make it look new again.
  • Mix the appropriate paint colour and apply it onto the table using a paintbrush or spray paint.
  • Make sure to cover all parts of the table, including using a small paintbrush for any gaps or intricate designs.
  • Let the paint dry for a few hours and then apply a coat of sealant over the entire table.
  • Once the paint and sealant are dry, you can place the table near a window in your home.


Refurbishing a glass coffee table isn’t as difficult as it may seem. With the right tools and precautions, you can make your glass table look brand new again in no time. Make sure to take extra care when using cleaning chemicals or hydrofluoric acid and always practice good safety measures.

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