how to refurbish glass coffee table

How to Refurbish a Glass Coffee Table

Glass coffee tables are classic pieces of furniture that can add to the décor of any room. Like all pieces of furniture, over time they can become scratched, cracked, or simply worn down. Refurbishing a glass coffee table can be done at home with just a few tools and supplies.

Steps for Refurbishing a Glass Coffee Table

  • Gather all the supplies: Most of the supplies needed to repair a glass coffee table are easily purchased from a hardware store. This includes a glass cleaner, sandpaper, heat sprucer, knife, tape measure, and safety glasses.
  • Clean the glass: Start by cleaning the entire surface of the glass coffee table with a glass cleaner. Be mindful to remove all dust, dirt, and debris as this will affect the patching process.
  • Sand the edges: Rough up the edges of the glass table with a sandpaper. This will help create a rough surface which the hot sprucer can adhere to. Be sure to create a nice consistent sanding pattern.
  • Measure the cracks: Measure and mark the area of the glass table with tape measure and a knife. This will help to make sure the glass patch is placed correctly.
  • Apply sprucer: Put on safety glasses to avoid any small pieces of hot sprucer from getting in your eyes. Place the hot sprucer over the cracks and press it down for 15-20 seconds. This will help to create a seal between the two pieces of glass.
  • Let it dry: Allow the hot sprucer to dry for several hours before moving the glass coffee table. After the sprucer has dried, the glass coffee table should be as good as new!


Refurbishing a glass coffee table is an easy project that can save you time and money. All you need are a few tools and supplies, and you can have your glass coffee table shining like new in no time.

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