how to refinish ikea coffee table

Refinishing an IKEA Coffee Table

Gather Supplies

Before beginning to refinish an IKEA coffee table, make sure you have the necessary supplies for the job. You will need:

  • Sand Paper
  • Paint and Paint brush
  • Saw
  • Wood Stain, Varathane, or Polyurethane
  • Cotton Cloths, gloves and eyewear.

Sand Surface

If your table has oil based paint, you need to sand it off. Start by using a 60-grit paper, slowly working your way up to a 220-grit. Then, wipe the surface clean with a damp rag. If the table you’re using is unpainted, you need to sand the surface to create an even, smooth finish that your stain will adhere to.

Prepare New Table Top

If you would like to add a new surface to the top of your coffee table, measure the table and cut a piece of wood that fits the dimensions. Sand the surface with 80-grit sand paper and raise the grain of the wood with a damp cloth. Sand in small, circular patterns until you achieve a smooth finish.


If you plan to paint the coffee table, now is the time to do it. You can use a brush or a sprayer for quick coverage. Make sure to use a primer before painting for better durability. Use a high-gloss finish, if you don’t have a sprayer, to create a more polished, professional look.

Stain and Protect

Once your paint has dried, apply a thin layer of stain, using a lint-free, clean cloth. Once the first layer has dried, consider adding a second layer to darkened and protect the finish. Once the stain has thoroughly dried, you can opt to use either a Varathane, Polyurethane, or a Wood Stain Protection product.


Now that you have completed your IKEA coffee table refinishing project, sit back, relax and enjoy your creation.

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