how to redo a glass coffee table

How to Redo a Glass Coffee Table

Having an old, chipped or stained glass coffee table can be an eyesore to any home. To spruce up the look of a living area, homeowners can perform a cheap and easy project to restore the glass coffee table to its original glory. Before starting the redo process, it’s important to have the right tools and materials.

Things You’ll Need

  • Glass cleaner
  • Glass paint
  • Paint brush or sponge
  • Glass sealant
  • Newspaper or drop cloth

Step 1: Clean the It

The first step to redo the glass coffee table is to make sure it’s clean and free of dirt, dust and other materials. This can be done by wiping the table down with a damp cleaning rag and glass cleaner. Be sure to get all the nooks and crannies.

Step 2: Paint the Inside

Once finished with the cleanup process, paint over the glass table with glass paint. The paint will help hide the chips, stains or other blemishes. Before applying, make sure the paint is safe for use on glass.

Step 3: Seal the Paint

This step is essential in making sure the paint job last. To add extra protection and longevity to the paint, apply a glass sealant over the top of the paint. This will lock in the color, keeping the paint from fading or scratching off.

Step 4: Dry and Enjoy

Finally, allow the paint to dry for a few hours before using it. Now the home have a refreshed glass coffee table without spending much time and money. Congratulations, the glass coffee table is good to enjoy.

Redoing a glass coffee table is a simple and fun project that can help update the look of any living space. All it takes is a few materials, some patience and the willingness to bring life back to the table.

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