how to recycle a glass coffee bowl

Recycling a Glass Coffee Bowl

Steps to recycling a glass coffee bowl

  • Find out if your local recycling center accepts glass. Call or visit your local recycling center, and ask if they accept glass items. If they don’t take glass, you will need to find an alternative recycling facility that does.
  • Clean the bowl. Thoroughly rinse the glass bowl with warm water to remove any debris and residue.
  • Identify the material. Take the bowl to your local recycling center or contact the recycling center if you do not know the type of glass. There are many different types of glass such as float, barrel, and tempered glass. Knowing the type of glass will help you determine the next recycling step.
  • Sort the material. If possible, separate the glass bowl from other types of glass. This will help the recycling center sort the materials more efficiently.
  • Deliver the bowl. Once you have properly identified the material and sorted it, the glass bowl can be delivered to the recycling center. Make sure to tell the center that the glass is food-grade and that the bowl is clean.


  • Wash the bowl prior to delivery.
  • Inform the recycling center of the type of glass that you have.
  • Make sure that the bowl is securely sealed.

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