how to put legs on a coffee table

How to Put Legs on a Coffee Table

Putting legs on a coffee table is a great way to give your furniture an updated and modern look. It is also a very simple DIY project that anyone can do. All you need are the legs, screws, and the proper tools.


  • Find the right size and shape legs for your coffee table.
  • Measure the width of the legs and make sure they are the right size for your coffee table.
  • Set the legs where they should go and trace a line around the leg.
  • Drill holes into the bottom of the coffee table and insert the screws.
  • Screw the legs onto the Coffee Table using the screws.
  • Tip: Use a power drill to ensure that the screws are tight and secure.


Adding legs to your coffee table is a simple project that will give it a modern and updated look. All you need is the right size, shape and type of legs for your table and the proper tools to attach them. Once you have everything ready, it won’t take long to make the transformation.

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