how to protect wood coffee table

How To Protect Wood Coffee Table

Coffee tables are made from wood and wood is the most used material for making furniture. As wood can last for a long time, it is important to protect it. Here are some tips for protecting your wood coffee table:

1. Clean Regularly

Regular cleaning of your coffee table is important to keep it looking good. Dust, dirt and liquids can cause damage to the finish of your table. Use a mild cleaning solution and a damp cloth to clean the table.

2. Use Appropriate Coasters

It is important to use appropriate coasters to protect your coffee table. Coasters should be made of material that won’t cause scratches or damage to the finish of your table.

3. Avoid Placing Hot Objects

You should avoid placing hot objects such as plates and cups on your coffee table. The heat from these objects can damage the wood.

4. Use Wax Or Furniture Polish

Regularly applying wax or furniture polish on your table can help to protect it. This will keep it looking shiny and polished, and protect the wood from dirt and moisture.

5. Avoid Water Rings

You should avoid leaving water rings on the wood surface of your coffee table. Use a soft cloth to apply a solution of vinegar and water to remove any water rings.

6. Keep From Direct Sunlight

It is important to keep your coffee table away from direct sunlight. The sun can cause fading and discoloration of the finish of the table. You can cover the table with a cloth or use a window treatment to avoid direct sunlight.

7. Group Furniture Properly

You should group furniture properly to protect your coffee table. Don’t place heavy objects such as books and magazines on your table. This can cause scratches or even break the table.

8. Don’t Drag Objects

It is important to avoid dragging heavy objects such as chairs and stools across your coffee table. This can cause scratches and damage to the table.

9. Use Place Mats

You can also use place mats to protect your coffee table. Place mats can help to avoid spills and protect the finish of the table.

10. Choose Quality Finish

When buying a wood coffee table, choose one with a quality finish. The finish should be strong and sturdy to protect it from daily wear and tear.

Following these tips can help you to protect your wood coffee table and keep it looking beautiful for years.

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