how to protect glass coffee table

Protecting a Glass Coffee Table

Glass coffee tables are both beautiful and functional pieces of furniture, but glass is also fragile and can be easily broken. Without the right level of protection and care, a glass coffee table can quickly become damaged or even shattered. Follow the tips below to protect your glass coffee table and keep it looking beautiful for years to come.

Clean Regularly

Keeping the glass on your coffee table clean is essential to ensure its safety and longevity. Regularly wiping away dust and dirt particles is necessary to keep the glass free from scratches and other abrasions. An ammonia-free glass cleaner should be used or dish soap mixed with warm water can also do the trick.

Utilize Coasters

In order to protect against hot or cold drinks, which can cause thermal shock and crack the glass, a coaster should always be used when placing drinks on the glass table. Coasters are also helpful in wicking away condensation, so the glass will remain polished and clear.

Invest in a Decorative Tray

Decorative trays are a great way to keep small items and knick knacks from settling directly on the glass. Trays are both stylish and practical and can easily be moved from place to place.

Use Place Mats and Table Cloths

Place mats and table cloths can be used to protect the glass from scratching or getting cut when moving items on and off the surface. Plus, they are an easy way to add a stylish layer of texture and color to any room.


Taking a few simple measures can help keep your glass coffee table safe and in excellent condition for years to come. Remember to:

  • Clean regularly with an ammonia-free glass cleaner or dish detergent and warm water.
  • Utilize coasters to place hot or cold drinks on the glass surface.
  • Invest in a decorative tray to keep small items and knick knacks from settling on the glass.
  • Use place mats and table cloths to help protect against scratching and cutting.

Following these steps will keep your glass coffee table looking beautiful and shining for years to come.

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