how to protect glass coffee table

Protecting a Glass Coffee Table

Glass coffee tables are stylish and beautiful to have in the center of a living space, but due to their delicate nature, it can take extra precautions to protect them. Here are some tips for protecting a glass coffee table:

Choosing the Table

  • Choose wisely: opt for a glass table with fewer curves to reduce the risk of cracking.
  • Strength of glass: opt for tempered glass as it is stronger and better able to withstand impacts.

Placing the Table

  • Cushion: place cushions or a rug underneath the table to avoid scratches on the floor.
  • Distance to walls: place the table away from walls or furniture to avoid accidental knocks and bumps.

General Care

  • Clean: regularly clean and dust the table to remove any dirt and debris that can build up.
  • Cover: when the table is not in use, cover it with a cloth or transparent sheet to protect it from dust and scratches.

Protecting a glass coffee table may seem like a difficult process, but with a bit of care and attention, it is possible to keep it looking as new.

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