how to protect dining table aand coffee table from scratches

How to Protect Dining and Coffee Tables from Scratches

It’s inevitable; tables are susceptible to scratches and wear and tear over time. Whether it’s kids using the dining or coffee table as a creative canvas with markers or an adult damaging the table surface with a hot cup of coffee, it is essential to take proper care of your furniture to keep it looking fancy and brand new.

Below are a few tips on how to protect your dining and coffee tables from scratches:

Place a Coaster or Placemat

The simplest way to protect your table from scratches is to use a coaster or placemat for any drinks or hot dishes. Make sure the coaster you are using provides adequate protection for your table and ensures that the beverage does not seep under the coaster and cause further damage. To protect young children from damaging the table’s surface, create a rule that all dishes must be set on a placemat.

Pick a Protective Coat

Since most tables are made out of wooden or laminate surfaces, applying a protective coat is one of the most effective ways to protect the surface of your table. Consider using the following:

  • Wax or polish — Wax or furniture polish helps to create a barrier between any objects and the table, making it difficult for items to scratch and stain it. Polish can also help to restore the original finish and colour of a wooden or laminate table surface.
  • Polyacrylic — Polyacrylic is a useful protective coat for wooden surfaces and is durable, water-resistant, and scratch proof.
  • Teflon — Teflon is effective for protecting surfaces from scratches and can help to repel liquids. Additionally, it makes for easy clean up since dirt and dust won’t get stuck to the surface.

Cover Your Table

If you are not ready to commit to coats and finishes, you can still add a layer of protection for your table. Invest in a table cover or placemat that you can use when you have children or large groups over. You can also purchase a tablecloth or runner that can be tailored to your table’s size.


Protecting your dining and coffee table surfaces from wear and tear is essential when it comes to keeping your furniture looking as good as new. Without adequate protection, small scratches and blemishes can soon build up and prevent your table from looking its best. Keep the above tips in mind to ensure your table looks its best for years to come.

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