how to plan a coffee table book

Creating a Coffee Table Book

Creating a coffee table book can be a labor of love or a great way to explore and present a topic of interest. Whether the book is focused on personal or professional achievements, travel photos, or artwork, a coffee table book is a great way to showcase work and show off your creativity.

Step 1: Choose Your Topic

Before you dive in, define the purpose for the book. It can be a physical document of your achievements, a collection of photos and stories from an international adventure, an art portfolio, a collection of poems, or any other project that you would like to showcase. Once you have your subject, you can start to plan the look and feel of your book.

Step 2: Take Quality Photos

For coffee table books, oftentimes photos can be more impactful than words. Make sure to take quality photos and videos that will capture your work. If you are creating a travel book, look for interesting perspectives and daily life moments. If you are creating a portfolio book, look to emulate artistry and story telling in your images.

Step 3: Create a Story

A large collection of photos can seem overwhelming, especially when viewers don’t have enough context to understand the story behind them. To give the book structure and make it cohesive, start by brainstorming a timeline of events and stories to include. Make note of key events and people that should be included and photographs that best capture the story.

Step 4: Put Together Your Creation

Once you have all the pieces for your creation you can start to bring this all together. There are a few options for physically creating the book such as professional book makers, publisher apps and software, and self-publishing through services like Amazon and Blurb. Investigate each option to ensure that it meets your needs and that the end result reflects your vision.

Step 5: Self-Promote Your Book

Once you have created and printed your book, it is time to start to share it with the world. Create an online presence, including a website and digital presence, as well as offline, physical promotion. Attend book signings and showcase your book at different industry events, fairs, and pop up shops. Leverage social media platforms to further promote your book.

Creating a coffee table book is a great way to showcase your work and talent. It is also a great way to preserve memories and tell a story. Follow these five steps to create your own coffee table book and let your creativity take you on a journey.

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