how to place coffee table with sectional

How to Place a Coffee Table With a Sectional

Placing a coffee table with a sectional can be a tricky task but it needn’t be. With a few simple tips and tricks that you can follow, you can make sure your sectional has a great looking and functional coffee table that enhances your overall living space.

Choose an Appropriate Size Table

The size of a coffee table is essential for a sectional, as a table that is too large or too small can be difficult to use and take away from the overall aesthetic of the space. Here are some tips to make sure you select the right size:

  • Measure the Size: Before making any purchasing decisions, make sure to measure the size of your sectional, including width and depth. Knowing the size of the sectional will help you find the right width of a table.
  • Select a Wide Table: A wider table can provide you with more visual balance. Depending on the size of your sectional, a 42-inch or 48-inch table should work well.
  • Think About Height: You don’t want a table that is too high nor too low. The ideal height for a coffee table should generally be the same level or slightly below the seating surface of your sectional. If you have armrests, take them into account when choosing the height.

Choose the Right Material

The type of material you choose for your coffee table can determine its longevity as well as enhance the aesthetic of your living room. Popular coffee table materials include wood, glass, metal and stone, so it’s important to consider which material best meets your needs. Consider the type of sectional you have and opt for a material that suits it.

Ensure the Look is Balanced

Placing a coffee table with a sectional is only the first step. It’s also important to consider the overall look of the living space to make sure your furniture is balanced and aesthetically pleasing. Make sure the style of the coffee table complements the sectional, and that it helps create a visual balance of furniture, textures and colors.

Following these simple tips will help you create a perfect combination of sectional and coffee table. With a little bit of planning and consideration, you can create a great looking, stylish and practical living space that you can enjoy for years.

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