how to pick the right shape coffee table

How to Pick the Right Shape Coffee Table

Coffee tables are a great asset to any living room or lounge. They create a focal point and provide a space to style and showcase items, while offering a comfortable and practical place to put your drink and snacks. But when it comes to picking the right shape coffee table, it can be hard to make the right decision. Here are some tips to keep in mind when selecting the ideal table for your home.

1. Consider your space

The first step in choosing the perfect coffee table for your living room is to consider the amount of space available. If you have a small space, you’ll want to go for a compact table that takes up less room. You could opt for a circular table, or one with a streamlined shape and length. Alternatively, a larger room might benefit from an extra-long or Modular table.

2. Match the design

Another important factor to consider is the aesthetics. You want your coffee table to match the style and décor of your living space. Whether you’re looking for a modern, industrial, vintage or bohemian look, make sure you pick a piece that’s in line with the overall design.

3. Decide on a material

When it comes to materials, there are plenty of options available. Choose from wood, glass, metal, acrylic, stone and marble. Keep in mind that each type of material has its own characteristics and will affect the overall look and feel of the room.

4. Measure the dimensions

Once you’ve picked the right shape and design, it’s important to check if the size and measurements will work in your living space. Be sure to check the height, length, and width to make sure it’s the right fit.

5. Focus on functionality

Don’t forget to consider the function of your table too. For example, if you plan to use it as storage, you might want to purchase a multi-tier table with shelves or drawers. Or, if you’ll often be entertaining, pick a table with a flat top and spacious seating.


Selecting the right shape coffee table for your living room or lounge can be a challenge. But with these helpful tips you can be sure to pick the ideal piece for your needs. From considering your space to matching the design, deciding on materials, measuring the dimensions and focusing on functionality, your coffee table will be a stylish and practical addition to your home.

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