how to pick the correct size coffee table

How to Pick the Correct Size Coffee Table

When looking for the right coffee table for your living room, the size of the table is an essential factor to consider. Too large or too small and it can throw off the balance of the room. So, how do you pick the right size coffee table? Read on to find out.

1. Measure the Space

The first step is to measure the space in the centre of the room where you will place the coffee table. Be sure to measure the length and width of the area.

2. Consider the Other Furniture in the Room

Take into consideration the other furniture in the room. What is the size of the sofa? Will the coffee table be placed between two sofas? Is there an armchair or a side table in the room?

3. Decide on the Shape

Think about the shape of the coffee table you would like to add to the room. Will a circular or a square shape fit better in the room? A round or oval table will soften the edges of the living room while a rectangular table will add an angular look.

4. Choose the Right Height

The next step is to decide on the height of the table. The height of the table should be in proportion to the other furniture in the room. The table should not be too high or too low.

5. Add an Extra 10 Inches

Once you have selected the shape and size of the table, you should add about 10 inches to the length and width. This will provide the space for the chairs and footstools to slide comfortably underneath the table.

6. Select the Right Material

The last step is to choose the right material for the table. You can choose between wood, metal, plastic or glass.


Selecting the right size coffee table is essential to creating a balanced and cozy look in your living room. Just remember to measure the space, consider the other furniture, decide on the shape and height, add an extra 10 inches, and pick the right material.

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