how to pick out a coffee table

How to pick out a Coffee Table

Are you looking for the perfect coffee table to complete the decoration of your living room? Here is a short guide to help you find the best coffee table to match your space.

Measure your space

Before you go out shopping, it is important to measure your space. Make sure to measure the area where you plan to place the table. Write down the measurements and take them with you so you make sure that you find the piece that fits perfectly in your room.

Know your style

Shopping for a coffee table can be overwhelming, with the vast number of styles, shapes, colors and materials available. Think about the style, colors, and materials you would like for your table and look for pieces that would match the existing design of your room.


Coffee tables come in many shapes and sizes. When selecting a coffee table keep in mind that it should be stable and provide enough space to place coffee, drinks, or food on the top. Make sure to pick the coffee table that is made of sturdy materials and is safe to use.


Once you find the perfect coffee table that fits your room’s decoration, you can start styling it. Here are a few tips to make your coffee table stand out:

  • Place a tray – Add a wooden or metal tray to the top of the table to create a stylish display.
  • Decorative items – Place flowers and candles on either side of the table for a pop of color.
  • Books – Stack a few books and magazines on the table to add texture to the design.
  • Accessories – Put a sculpture or a plant to the table to finish the look.

Once you find the perfect piece for your room and style it accordingly, you will have a stylish and functional coffee table that will give your space a beautiful look.

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