how to pick coffee table size

How to Pick the Perfect Coffee Table Size

Choosing the right coffee table is essential to tie your room together. Here are some tips on how you can select the perfect size for your living room.

Step 1: Take Measurements

First, measure the seating area in your living room. Measure the length and width of the seating area, noting the values down. Make sure the distance from the seating area to the walls is taken into consideration as well.

Step 2: Consider the Proportions

A good rule of thumb is that the coffee table should be approximately two-thirds of the length of the sofa. Also consider the depth of the coffee table. Generally, a shallow depth is more appropriate for smaller rooms while deeper depths are better for larger spaces.

Step 3: Choose Shape and Style

Choose a shape and style of table that complements the decor and style of your living room. For larger rooms, round shapes such as ottomans can make good coffee tables.

Think also about the table’s height – a higher table is suitable around taller seating such as sectionals, while a lower table is better around low armchairs or sofas. 

Step 4: Take into Account Clearance Space

Another important factor to consider is the clearance around the table. Allow approximately 32 inches of space from the edges of the sofa to the edges of the table.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to selecting the right size for your coffee table, keep in mind the size of your living room and the style and shape of the table. Most importantly, make sure that there is enough clearance space around the table so you can move around comfortably.

Additional Tips:

  • Ensure the table is at least the size of the sofa length and at least two-thirds of the sofa width.
  • Choose a shape, size, and style that complements the decor and style of your living room.
  • Leave around 32 inches of clearance around the edges of the table for comfortable movement.

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