how to pick a coffee table shape


When it comes to decorating your living room, one of the first things to consider is what sort of shape you want for your coffee table. The shape you choose can have a big effect on how the room looks and feels. Below, we explore some of the factors you should consider when deciding on the perfect Coffee Table shape for your living space.

Size and Style

Firstly, you should consider the size of your living space and how the coffee table will fit in the overall style of the room. The shape of your coffee table should complement the sofas and other furniture, as well as take into account the layout of the room. Round tables, for instance, make good use of limited space and look great in rectangular and square rooms. Oval ones have a more graceful, flowing shape which can make a living space feel harmonious.

Activity Levels

It’s also important to think about how you will be using the table. Coffee tables are usually used for activities such as eating, drinking and playing board games. If you’ll use the table for such activities, then look for one with plenty of surface area. Square and rectangular tables works well for this, as they provide plenty of space for drinks, plates, and elbows.

Considerations when Choosing a Coffee Table Shape

1. Style of the Room

Choose a shape that complements the décor and style of the room. Round or oval shapes work well in contemporary rooms, while rectangular and square ones look great in classic settings.

2. Available Space

Think about the size of your living room and the space you have. Rectangular or square tables tend to be more space-efficient, while round and oval tables can fit well in corners.

3. Activities

If you plan to use your coffee table for activities such as eating and drinking, then you should choose one with plenty of surface area. Square and rectangular tables work best for this.

4. Height

It’s important to select a table that is at the correct height. If you’re tall, then you’ll want a higher table; if you’re short, then you’ll want a lower one.


Picking the right shape for your coffee table is an important part of the process of styling your living room. There are many factors to consider, such as the size of your room, the style of the décor and the activities you’ll be using it for. With these tips, you should be able to find the perfect coffee table shape that will look stunning in your living space.

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