how to pair coffee table with tv stand

How to Pair a Coffee Table with a TV Stand

Trying to find the perfect furniture pairing for your living room? Here are some top tips for matching a coffee table and a TV stand that work well together to create a sophisticated and stylish lounge area.

1. Look for Contrast

For a unified and eye-catching look, try to find a TV stand and coffee table that contrast but complement each other. Contrasting shades, textures, and light-dark combinations work great in creating a modern kind of luxury.

2. Consider Your TV Stand’s Shape

  • Rectangular TV Stand: If you have a rectangular TV stand, find a coffee table with a similar shape. To add a modern flair, look for one with edges and lines that are a bit softer or even curved.
  • Oval or Round TV Stand: If you’re rocking a curvy TV stand, bring that shape into your coffee table too. An oval or round coffee table ties your living room together and fits into that curved shape of the TV stand.

3. Think about Functionality

Another important aspect to consider is functionality. Where will you keep drinks and snacks? Or books and magazines? It’s important to consider how the space will be used. Will the coffee table be too small if the TV stand is larger than average? Or will drinks spill over the edges if the coffee table is just the right size?

4. Choose Your Materials Wisely

Finally, consider the materials you want. Depending on the style of your living room, wood might be a great choice for a classic, modern, or rustic look. But if you’re looking for something more industrial or Scandi, choose something with metal or glass; or even a combination of the two.

Putting in a little extra time when choosing coffee table and TV stand combinations will pay off in the long run. With this guide, you’ll have your living room looking stylish and sophisticated in no time!

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