how to paint old coffee table

How to Paint an Old Coffee Table

When it comes to redesigning your living space, furniture painting is a quick and easy way to refresh the room. A coffee table is a great starting point, as updating the color can instantly give your living room a new look. With a few simple steps, you can paint your own coffee table and keep it looking as good as new.

Step 1: Prepare the Table

Before you start painting, it’s important to do some preparation on your coffee table. This includes:

  • Cleaning the table with a mild detergent
  • Sanding down the surface to create a smooth base for painting
  • Wiping the table with a cloth to remove any dust and dirt

Once you’ve finished prepping the table, you’re ready to start painting.

Step 2: Painting the Table

When you’re ready to start painting, here’s what you need to do:

  • Choose the paint color you want and make sure you have enough to cover the whole table
  • Apply a base coat of paint using a brush and let it dry
  • Once the base coat of paint has dried, apply a second coat of paint and let it dry

Once the paint has dried entirely, it’s time to finish off the table and make it look great.

Step 3: Finishing the Table

To give the table an extra glossy shine, you should:

  • Sand the surface to make sure it’s smooth
  • Apply a clear sealant or varnish to the entire table, leaving it to dry completely

And there you have it – your newly painted coffee table is ready to be admired!

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