how to paint coffee table antique white

How to Paint a Coffee Table Antique White

A coffee table adds a touch of character to your living room and can add a splash of color to the decor. Antique white is the perfect hue that works well with many interior designs. To successfully paint your coffee table to get the antique look, follow these easy steps.

Steps to Paint a Coffee Table Antique White

  • 1. Gather Materials: Gather all the materials you need for painting the table, such as sandpaper, paint, painter’s tape, and drop cloth to protect the floor.
  • 2. Clean the Surface: Clean the surface of the table before painting by using a damp cloth. This will help the paint adhere to the surface and stay in place.
  • 3. Sand the Table: Use sandpaper to roughen up the surface of the table. This will help the paint to adhere. Be sure to wipe away any dust before continuing.
  • 4. Tape Off Areas: Tape off any areas that you are not painting to protect them from getting splashed with paint.
  • 5. Prime the Table: Priming the table is an important step. This will help the paint to stick better and last longer. Be sure to let the primer dry before starting the next step.
  • 6. Paint the Table: Paint the table with the antique white paint color. You can use multiple thin coats for a good coverage. Be sure to let the coats dry before applying a new one.
  • 7. Add Distress: Rub sandpaper over the edges and other areas of the table to distress it. This will give the appearance of an antique look.
  • 8. Seal the Table: Finally, seal the paint with a sealant to seal in the paint and protect it from scratches.

With these easy steps, you can paint an old coffee table antique white and add a special touch to your living room. Enjoy your newly painted table!

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