how to paint a coffee table top

Steps to Paint a Coffee Table Top

A coffee table often serves as the centerpiece of any living room and can be a great conversation piece for guests. Painting the top of your coffee table is a fun and easy way to liven up your furniture and the entire room. Here are some steps you can use to paint a coffee table top.


  • Clean the top of the table. This includes removing any dirt, dust and residue from the surface.
  • Sand the surface with medium-grit sandpaper using a circular motion. This helps to create a surface that is smooth and receptive.
  • Clean the surface again and let it dry.
  • Wrap the sides and underneath of the table with Saran wrap or painter’s tape to protect them and avoid any mess while painting the top.
  • Apply a coat of primer to help the paint adhere to the table.
  • Let the primer dry before moving to the next step.


  • Select a color of paint. Make sure to choose a paint that is appropriate for the surface you are painting.
  • Use a brush or roller to apply the paint. Start from the edges and paint inwards to ensure even coverage.
  • Wait for the paint to dry.
  • Apply a second and third coat of paint if desired.


Painting the top of your coffee table is a fun, easy, and affordable way to spruce up any room. Following these steps can help you to achieve beautiful results and have a stylish and unique piece of furniture. Good luck!

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