how to package glass coffee mugs to ship

Tips for Safely Shipping Glass Coffee Mugs

Shipping glass mugs is risky. If not done properly, they are likely to break and damage what’s inside, or in the worst case scenario, hurt someone. However, we have some easy tips to help make sure your mugs arrive safely to their destination.

Packing Supplies

You will need the following supplies to safely package and ship glass coffee mugs:

  • Bubble wrap or foam wrap
  • Tissue paper
  • White packing tape
  • Corrugated cardboard mailer boxes

Packing Methods

  • Wrap the mug in bubble or foam wrap. The bubble wrap / foam wrap should be snug around the mug and have enough cushion to provide ample protection. Make sure it completely covers the mug.
  • Wrap the mug again in tissue paper. The tissue paper should be tightly wrapped around the mug, providing an extra layer of cushion and protection.
  • Place the wrapped mug inside a corrugated cardboard mailer box. Fill any empty space in the box with more bubble or foam wrap to ensure the mug isn’t jostling around in the box.
  • Seal the box with white packing tape. Make sure it is securely sealed so there won’t be any damage to the mug due to jostling in transit.

Additional Tips

  • Consider purchasing insurance for the package. This will provide an extra layer of protection in case the package is damaged or lost in transit.
  • Label the package “Fragile”. This will let the mail carrier know to handle the package with extra care.

By following these tips you can ensure that your glass coffee mugs are safely packaged and protected. Happy shipping!

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