how to pack glass coffee table

How to Pack a Glass Coffee Table for Moving

Packing a glass coffee table for moving is an important task to ensure the safety of your furniture. Follow these steps to make sure that your prized possession is safely stowed during your transition.

Gather Supplies

  • Cardboard box slightly larger than the table
  • Glass packing sheet
  • Bubble wrap
  • 2 sheets of foam-backed fabric
  • 2-3 rolls of packing tape
  • Marker

Wrap the Table

  • Set the table on the foam-backed fabric. The foam should be face down against the table.
  • Using the felt, cover the table top and wrap the edges. You should overlap each sheet in the center by several inches, and tuck the excess fabric in the base of the table.
  • Cover the table in bubble wrap, making sure all edges are completely insulated.

Place Inside the Box

  • Place the glass packing sheet in the bottom of the box. This should be several inches bigger than the box to provide extra cushioning for the table.
  • Lower the wrapped table onto the glass packing sheet.
  • Fill in any gaps between the table and walls of the box with newspaper, towels, or old clothing. These will provide extra cushioning in case of jostling while in transit.
  • Label the box “Fragile” or “This Side Up” with a marker.
  • Tape the box securely shut. Make sure to use 2-3 rolls of tape to reinforce the sides so that the box stays shut.


By following these steps carefully, your glass table will be prepared for your move in a safe and secure manner. It is important to take special care when packing a fragile piece of furniture, as it could be easily broken in transit.

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