how to pack glass coffee table

How to Pack a Glass Coffee Table

Moving a glass coffee table is a delicate job and requires careful packing. To make your move easier and less stressful, follow these steps and tips to properly pack a glass coffee table.

Getting Ready

  • Gather Supplies – You’ll need packing tape, an old towel, bubble wrap, newspapers, furniture pads and some sturdy boxes.
  • Cleaning – Start by wiping down the glass top of the coffee table with a damp cloth. Wipe down the bottom and legs of the table as well.
  • Remove Legs – Remove the legs from the coffee table and wrap them in bubble wrap or furniture pads for protection.

Packing the Glass Top

  • Cover the Glass – Place an old towel or some furniture pads over the glass top and then wrap the entire top in bubble wrap. Secure the bubble wrap with packing tape.
  • Place in the Box – Place the bubble wrapped table top in a box that is slightly larger than the top itself. Stuff newspaper in the box around the sides of the top to absorb any shock during transit. Make sure the top is secured tightly in the box.

Loading the Truck

  • Handling Glass – When you’re ready to move the table, lift it by the edges and never by the glass top. The glass top should always be held in an upright position.
  • Securing the Load – When loading the boxes, curtains, or furniture onto the truck, make sure to pack heavier boxes or items of furniture below the lighter ones, and use straps or bungee cords to secure them.

Packing a glass coffee table properly will ensure a safe and stress-free move. If you follow these steps and tips, your glass coffee table will arrive at your new home unscathed.

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