how to pack glass coffee carafe with non removeable lid

How to Pack a Glass Coffee Carafe with a Non-Removable Lid

Packing a glass coffee carafe with a non-removable lid can be tricky. With a few easy steps and a little bit of extra care, you can ensure that your carafe arrives safely to its destination. Here’s how:

Step 1: Clean and Dry the Carafe

Clean the carafe with mild soap and warm water, then dry it with a soft cloth. Be sure to reach in the lid area carefully, as you don’t want any liquid soap residue to remain.

Step 2: Prep the Packing Material

Cut some bubble wrap to the same size as the carafe, or get a box that is slightly bigger. Place some newspaper or packing peanuts inside and around the bottom and sides of the box, to provide cushioning.

Step 3: Slide and Secure the Carafe Inside the Wrap

Slide the carafe into the bubble wrap, so that the bottom of the lid is tucked inside. You may have to use some scissors to cut a few incisions that will fit around the lid area. Place the carafe in the center of the box, and add more packing peanuts and newspaper to fill the empty space.

Step 4: Seal Up the Box

Seal the box with tape to make sure that it is tightly secured. If you are shipping, be sure to include shipping labels and all special instructions.

Step 5: Add Final Touches

For extra protection and cushioning, consider adding the following items:

  • Foam Packing Pads: Place a foam pad around the lid of the carafe. Foam pads help to absorb any shock that might occur during transport.
  • Packing Tape: Wrap a few layers of tape around the circumference of the carafe, to further secure the lid and prevent it from shifting during transport.
  • Towels: Place a towel around the base of the carafe to absorb any leakage or condensation.

With these simple steps and a bit of extra care, you can ensure that your travel glass carafe will arrive in perfect condition. Happy packing!

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