how to pack glass coffee carafe with non removeable lid

How to Pack a Glass Coffee Carafe with a Non-Removable Lid

Glass carafes are great for making large batches of coffee — they’re attractive and can keep your coffee warm for a few hours. But, when it comes to packing a glass coffee carafe with a non-removable lid, it can be a challenge.

Fortunately there are a few methods to ensure that your carafe arrives safely to its destination. Here are a few tips on how to pack a glass coffee carafe with a non-removable lid:

1. Prepare the Carafe

Before you start packing your carafe, you need to make sure it is clean and dry. Any water that’s in the carafe can cause the lid to become loose and shift during transit.

It’s also important to check for any cracks or chips. Even small chips can cause the carafe to break in transit if it’s not packed correctly.

2. Fill the Carafe with Packing Material

Before you start to wrap the carafe, you’ll need to fill it with packing material. Bubble wrap is an easy and effective way to help protect the carafe from breakage. Make sure you fill the carafe to the top and shake it to get the bubble wrap to settle around it.

3. Wrap the Carafe with Packing Tape

Now you’ll want to wrap the carafe in packing tape. This will act as an extra layer of protection, and also help hold the bubble wrap in place. Start at the bottom of the carafe and work your way up.

4. Place the Carafe in a Box

The next step is to place the carafe into a box. Make sure the box is just large enough for the carafe and lid to fit comfortably. It’s important to use a box that doesn’t have any tough creases or corners, as these could cause the carafe to break.

5. Fill the Box with Styrofoam Peanuts or Foam

Once the carafe is in the box, fill the rest of the space with Styrofoam peanuts or foam. This will help cushion the carafe during transit and absorb any shock if the box is dropped or knocked around.

6. Seal the Box with Packing Tape

To finish off, seal the box with packing tape. This will help make sure that the box stays secure and that nothing can get inside.

Things to Remember

  • Make sure the carafe is clean and dry before wrapping it
  • Fill the carafe with packing material
  • Wrap the carafe with packing tape
  • Place the carafe in a box that fits it snugly
  • Fill the box with Styrofoam peanuts or foam
  • Seal the box with packing tape

Following these steps should help ensure that your glass coffee carafe arrives safely to its destination.

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