how to organize coffee table drawer

Organizing Your Coffee Table Drawer

Do you have a cluttered coffee table drawer filled with random objects? Does it cause you frustration when you cannot find what you need? Properly organizing your coffee table drawer can help you downsize items and makes it easier to find them. Here are some tips on how organize the coffee table drawer:

Step 1: Sort Items Into Piles

Take everything out of the drawer and put it onto the floor. Then divide the items into piles depending on their purpose. For example, newspapers, magazines and other paperwork into one pile, travel items (like chargers and earphones) into another, stationary or art supplies into another, etc.

Step 2: Get Rid Of Unnecessary Items

Once you have sorted items into piles, take the opportunity to rid your drawer of items that are no longer useful or that you no longer need. Throwing away or donating items will help create a more organized and clutter-free space.

Step 3: Find Storage Containers or Boxes

Find some bins or boxes that fit snugly into the drawer. Make sure you get a variety of sizes depending on the things you want to store. Additionally, you can use things like old candy tins, ice cube trays, or egg cartons to organize smaller items.

Step 4: Separate Items Into Containers

Now that you have your bins and other storage containers, put each category of items into its own storage bin. This will make it much easier to find what you need, as everything will have its own “home”. Additionally, you can label the containers to make it even easier to locate items.

Step 5: Replace Containers into the Drawer

Once all the items are sorted into containers and boxes, it’s time to place them back into the drawer. This way, you will never struggle to find things and now your coffee table drawer is organized.


Organizing your coffee table drawer is an easy task that when done properly, it can help in your daily life. So if you haven’t taken on this project already, now is the perfect time to do it and make sure that your drawer is neat, clean and organized.

Organizing Your Coffee Table Drawer

  • Sort items into piles by their purpose
  • Get rid of unnecessary items
  • Find storage containers or boxes
  • Separate items into the containers
  • Replace the containers back into the drawer

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