how to move coffee table with glass top

How to Move A Coffee Table with Glass Top

Whether you have a new coffee table or have to move an old one, it is important to take extra care when moving it – especially if it has a glass top. A coffee table with a glass top is delicate and fragile, so handling it the wrong way can cause it to break. Here are a few tips to consider if you are moving a coffee table with a glass top.

Clear The Table

Before attempting to move your coffee table, make sure to clear it off of any items that are on it. Pack up any accessories and décor in an organized way and make sure the items fit securely and safely.

Gather Materials

It may also be a good idea to have some supplies available, such as:

  • Soft Towels: Soft cloth or towels to wrap around the glass.
  • Furniture Sliders: These are simple discs that go beneath the table and are quite effective for moving furniture on carpeted floors.
  • Felt Pads: To protect furniture and carpet from scratches.
  • Cardboard: To be placed between the glass and the furniture.

Moving the Coffee Table

Once you have gathered supplies, it’s time to start moving the coffee table. Here are some guidelines:

  • Wrap the glass with the soft towels to ensure the glass stays protected across the journey.
  • Place furniture sliders, cardboard and felt pads underneath the table.
  • Lift one end slightly off the ground and pull towards you
  • Carefully adjust the furniture and make sure it’s balanced. Stringently assess any gaps or holes in the furnishings.

Wrapping Up

Be mindful that moving a coffee table is much more difficult than it appears. Make sure to take your time, handle with care and make sure all items are securely in place. This way, you can avoid any detrimental issues that may arise from mishandling the furniture.

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