how to move a heavy coffee table by yourself

Moving A Heavy Coffee Table By Yourself

Moving a heavy coffee table is a tough task. But it is possible to move one, even if you don’t have anyone to help you. Here are some tips to make the process easier and safer.

Gather the Right Equipment

Before you start, make sure you have the right supplies:

  • Furniture sliders
  • Industrial dolly
  • Moving blankets
  • An extra sturdy box

These items will help make the job easier and reduce the risk of damage to your furniture and yourself.

Prepare the Coffee Table

Before you start the moving process, take a few moments to prepare the coffee table:

  • Take out any drawers and hardware. Place all screws and other parts in a zipper bag and store them in a safe place.
  • Remove any decorations that could be easily damaged.
  • Wrap the table in a moving blanket to protect it from scratches and dents.
  • If the table is made of wood, apply furniture wax to help protect it from scratches.

Start Moving the Table

Now that the table is ready, you can start the moving process.

  • Use the Sliders: Place the furniture sliders under the edges of the table. This will make it easier to move across the floor.
  • Lift and Slide: Lift the table with your legs and slide it along the sliders. Place your hands underneath it to balance it as you move.
  • Keep your Back Straight: Bend your knees and keep your back straight when lifting and sliding the table. This will help reduce the strain on your body.
  • Take Short Breaks: Take short breaks as needed. Stop to rest when you start to feel tired.

Lifting the Table with a Dolly

If you feel like you can’t lift the table by yourself, you can use an industrial dolly to help.

  • Place the Dolly: Place the dolly underneath the table. Make sure you have secured it with straps so it doesn’t slide off.
  • Lift and Push: Lift one side of the table and push the dolly forward until the table is resting on it.
  • Tighten the Straps: Tighten the straps to secure the table to the dolly. This will make it easier to move the table without it sliding off.
  • Go Slow: Go slow and steady when pushing the dolly. This will keep the table stable and reduce the risk of damage.


Moving a heavy coffee table can be a daunting task, but it is possible to do it by yourself with the right equipment and preparation. Gather the items you need, prepare the table, and take your time when moving it. With a little patience, you can get the job done safely and with minimal damage to your furniture.

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