how to move a coffee table by yourself

Moving your Coffee Table by Yourself

Moving can be quite a hassle. With furniture, in particular, the struggle increases due to their awkward shape and size. Moreover, carrying hefty furniture can be painful and exhausting. This article will provide some tips on how to move your coffee table by yourself safely and quickly.


Before you start moving your table, there are some steps you need to take in order to keep yourself protected:

  • Safety Gear. Wearing safety gear such as an apron, knee pads, and safety glasses are a must. This will protect your face, hands, and body from any dust and debris.
  • Clear the Area. Make sure to clear the area by removing all obstacles, such as chairs, and other furniture that might get in the way. This will give you more room to move and prevent any accidents.
  • Disassemble the Table. If possible, disassemble the table in order to move it more easily. Take out the legs and shelves. Make sure to keep all the parts together so you can easily reassemble the table.

Moving the Table

  • Lift the Table. Lift the table, with help from a friend or family member, and place it on a flat surface like a furniture dolly or carpeted board. Make sure to keep your back straight when lifting to avoid injury.
  • Push or Pull. Once the table is on the surface, you can start pushing or pulling it. If possible, clear the path to your new location so you don’t have to navigate around any obstacles.
  • Secure the Table. Make sure to secure the table to the furniture mover or carpeted board with ropes and bungee cords. This will keep the table in place and make it easier to move.


Moving a large piece of furniture like a coffee table can be a daunting task. Yet, with adequate safety gear and proper preparation, you can complete the task much easier. Keep in mind to clear the way beforehand and use help when lifting the table. Most importantly, always make sure to secure the table while you’re transporting it and take regular breaks to avoid injury.

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