how to modernize colonial style coffee table

How to Modernize a Colonial-Style Coffee Table

Colonial-style coffee tables can be stunning pieces of furniture which add charm, history and personality to any living space. However, if the table is looking a little dated, there are some simple changes that can be made to modernize its appearance. With a few supplies, some creativity and a bit of elbow grease, you can transform your old colonial-style coffee table into a modern piece of furniture.

Steps to Modernize

  • Clean – Start by vacuum out any debris and dusting the table. Pull off all the hardware, wash and dry it, and place it to one side.
  • Lighten Up – If the table has a heavily varnished or painted finish, simply lighten up the hue. This can be achieved by sanding it all over, then giving it a coat of light paint or stain.
  • Add New Hardware – To really bring the piece up to date, search for some new modern-style handles, hinges and drawer pulls. This alone can give it a much more contemporary look.

Useful Tips

  • Before sanding, lightly test a small section to make sure the paint or finish reacts as you would like it too.
  • If you would like to keep the look and feel of a traditional style coffee table, look for furniture-style hardware which is reminiscent of times gone by.
  • If the table is damaged, you can repair it using wood filler.


Giving a colonial-style coffee table a modern twist doesn’t have to be a difficult process. By cleaning and lightening up the table, plus upgrading any hardware, it’s easy to transform a dated table into a modern center piece. With a little creativity, your colonial-style coffee table will no look out of place in any interior.

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