how to make your own glass coffee table

How To Make Your Own Glass Coffee Table

Step One: Measure the Room

The first step to making your own glass coffee table is to measure the space of the room where it will be placed. Measure the width and the length of the space to give you an idea of what size of glass you will need.

Step Two: Ready Your Glass

Once you have chosen the size of glass you want, you need to ready it for installation. For this, you will need to:

  • Purchase the desired amount of glass

    You can purchase the glass at a hardware store or online.

  • Prepare the glass

    Begin by cleaning the glass to ensure that it is free of dust and debris. Then use a glass etching product to roughen up the surface so it will adhere better to sealant.

  • Cut the glass to size

    You will need a glass cutter to cut the glass to size. Make sure to wear protective gloves and eyewear before doing this.

Step Three: Assemble the Table

Once you have cut the glass to size, it’s time to assemble the table.

  • Gather your materials

    You will need a sheet of metal, metal screws and washers, two table legs, sealant, and glass cleaner.

  • Attach the legs to the metal

    Using the metal screws and washers, attach the two table legs to the sheet of metal.

  • Attach the glass to the metal

    Use the glass sealant to attach the glass to the metal. Allow it to dry completely.

  • Clean the glass

    Finally, use the glass cleaner to clean the glass before using it.


Making your own glass coffee table can be a fun and rewarding experience. As long as you have the necessary materials and tools, you can create a beautiful and unique piece of furniture for your home.

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