how to make your own fish tank coffee table

How to Make Your Own Fish Tank Coffee Table

Envious of friends and family that have a fish tank coffee table but don’t want to pay for the pricey professional model? No worries, with a few materials and some patience, you can easily make one of your own.

Steps to Making Your Fish Tank Coffee Table:

  • Collect the Necessary Materials – To begin, you need to collect the necessary materials to construct the fish tank. You will need:

    • TableFrame: You have tons of options here. Make sure whatever option you choose is large enough to hold the fish tank
    • Fish Tank: Make sure it fits your frame and is large enough for fish of reasonable size
    • Construction Tools: drill, saw, screws, etc.
    • Aquarium-safe Sealant
    • Gravel for the Tank Bottom
    • Cabinet-grade Plywood for the Top

  • Assemble the Tank Table Frame – Now that you have all the supplies, begin by assembling your frame. Use the Construction Tools to connect the pieces of the frame. Make sure to fit your tank into the frame to ensure it is the correct size.
  • Attach the Plywood Sheet to the Table Frame – Cut the plywood to the same size as the base of the tank table frame. Then, use the Aquarium Sealant to attach the Plywood to the Table Frame. This will provide additional support to the tank.
  • Install the Tank – After you have attached the Plywood Sheet to the Table Frame, carefully slide the Tank onto the Frame. Make sure not to drop or damage the Tank! Also, make sure the Tank is level.
  • Add the Gravel and Decorative Elements– Pour the Gravel onto the bottom of the Tank. Then, place any decorations, such as plants and stones, into the tank for your fish to explore. Finally, add the machinery, such as air pumps, that your fish will need.
  • Fill the Tank and Add Fish – Now, its time to add the fish. Before adding the fish, fill the tank with water, making sure the water is the correct temperature and chemically balanced. Then, slowly add the fish to the tank making sure they are accustomed to their new environment.
  • Enjoy Your Fish Tank Coffee Table! – After the tank is filled and your fish are swimming, you can kick back and enjoy your new Fish Tank Coffee Table.

Creating your own Fish Tank Coffee Table can be done with minimal supplies and a little patience. Enjoy your custom Fish Tank Coffee Table for years to come with proper care and maintenance.

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