how to make your own concrete coffee table

Concrete Coffee Table DIY Guide

Materials and Tools:

  • Concrete mix
  • Forming materials (plywood, insulation foam, etc.)
  • Measuring tools (tape measure, ruler, etc.)
  • Saw
  • Caulking gun
  • Trowel
  • Jigsaw
  • Sandpaper
  • Stain and sealer


  • Choose a desirable shape and design for your concrete table – The most popular design for a concrete table is a box shape with four corners, however, this isn’t limited to rectangular shapes as you can opt for something more circular or oval as well. Just keep in mind the size and overall shape you want and make sure it’s something you’re comfortable with.
  • Design and construct the form – Once you’ve chosen a design, you will then need to build the form for your concrete table top by using plywood, foam, or other materials that are suitable for the job. Make sure to measure and cut the pieces to ensure that they fit correctly and create a strong form.
  • Mix and pour the concrete – Now that the form is ready, it’s time to mix and pour the concrete. Before doing this, you will need to make sure that the form is completely dry, as any residual moisture could affect the drying process. Once the concrete is mixed and poured, it will need time to dry and settle overnight.
  • Remove the form – The following day, the concrete will have set and hardened, and you can remove the form. However, be sure to be extremely gentle when doing this, as the concrete is still delicate and may break if mishandled.
  • Trim the edges and sand down – Once the form has been removed, you can begin to trim the edges of the table top to give it a more refined and polished look. You can use a jigsaw for this and sand down any excess if necessary.
  • Stain and seal the concrete – Now that the form is gone and the edges are even, you can begin to add color and texture to the concrete. You can use various stains and sealers depending on your preference, and you can use a caulking gun to make sure that the color is evenly distributed.
  • Assemble the concrete table – Now that the concrete table top is complete, you can assemble the table. You can do this either by attaching legs directly to the table top or building a frame around it. The choice is up to you.


Creating a concrete coffee table may seem intimidating at first, but as long as you follow the steps correctly, you can make your own beautiful coffee table with ease. Just be sure to take your time, measure carefully, and pay attention to the details. Once you’re done, you’ll have a stylish and durable coffee table that you can be proud of!

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