how to make shattered glass coffee table

How to Make a Shattered Glass Coffee Table

Making a shattered glass coffee table is a great way to add a modern look to any room in your house. Not only will it add a beautiful and contemporary aesthetic, but it is also a great way to upcycle something that you may otherwise dispose of. Read this guide to learn how to transform your old glass into a show-stopping coffee table!


Here are the materials you will need:

  • Old glass – you will need to acquire old glass in whatever shape you would like. Look for large pieces that will be suitable for a coffee table top.
  • Hammer – a hammer or other heavy instrument will be needed for breaking the old glass into pieces.
  • Paper towels – use paper towels to cover the area where you will be breaking the glass.
  • Table base – you will need to find a suitable table base that will support the mosaic of glass you create.
  • Glue gun – you will need a glue gun and glue sticks to adhere the shards of glass to the table top.

Steps to Make the Table

Follow these steps to make your own shattered glass coffee table:

  1. Find your old glass and place it onto the paper towels. You may use any type of glass, such as glass jars or windows, or even mirrored glass.
  2. Using the hammer, start breaking the glass into small pieces. Make sure to use a designated area for the papers towels, so you don’t create a mess.
  3. Once you have all the pieces of glass you need, arrange them on the table top in a pattern of your choosing.
  4. Using the glue gun, adhere the pieces of glass to the table top. Make sure to use generous amounts of glue to make sure each piece is secure.
  5. Attach the table base to the table top, and you’re done!


Making a shattered glass coffee table is a great way to upcycle old glass in your home and transform it into something unique and beautiful. With just a few tools, you can create a conversation piece that all your visitors will admire.

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