how to make shattered glass coffee table

DIY Shattered Glass Coffee Table

Are you looking for a creative and stunning way to show off your furniture? Look no further than the shattered glass coffee table. This piece of furniture exudes elegance and class, yet have a unique and dramatic impact. Here is how to make your own shattered glass coffee table!

Step 1: Gather Materials

You will need the following materials in order to complete the project:

  • Coffee Table
  • Clear Glass
  • Glass Cutter
  • Glue Gun

Step 2: Cut the Glass

Use your glass cutter to measure and cut the glass so that it fits snugly over the surface of the table. Make sure the edges are straight and even.

Step 3: Attach the Glass

Use a glue gun to attach each piece of glass securely to the table. Make sure the glue is applied evenly and thoroughly.

Step 4: Break the Glass

Once the glue is dry, use a hammer to break the glass into pieces. Start at one end of the table and smash the glass until you have achieved your desired number of shards and desired shape of the broken pieces. This is the most time consuming and difficult step, so take your time and be careful!

Step 5: Enjoy the Result!

Now you have your own stunning, unique and stunning shattered glass coffee table. Enjoy!

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