how to make resin river coffee table

How to Make a Resin River Coffee Table

Making a resin river coffee table isn’t just a great way to make a beautiful feature piece in your home, it’s also a fun and creative activity that you can enjoy with friends or family. Follow these simple steps and you’ll have a stunning river coffee table ready to be admired!


  • A large mould for your table
  • Clear resin
  • Pigment
  • Mixing containers and stir sticks
  • Table legs or pedestal

Step 1: Prepare Your Mould

Start by preparing your mould ready for the resin river. Make sure to clean it thoroughly and check for any imperfections. You’ll also need to measure and mark any cut-outs you need – such as for power points or table legs.

Step 2: Create Your Colour Pigment

Mix your pigment pigments with some resin to create the colour you want for your table. Use a new stirring stick for each colour and mix for around 5 minutes to create a smooth and consistent colour.

Step 3: Prepare Your Resin Mixture

Mix your resin according to the instructions on the package. Make sure to mix for an appropriate amount of time – usually about 10 minutes – for a consistent finish.

Step 4: Pour the Resin and Pigment

Add the pigments to the resin mixture as you are pouring it into your mould. Begin by pouring the darker colours first and then layer the lighter colours to create interesting shapes and patterns.

Step 5: Finish Your Table

Once the resin has dried, you can add the table legs or pedestal. If you have any cut-outs in your mould, be sure to cover them with a thin sheet of plastic to protect them from water or any other damage.

And there you have it – your own resin river coffee table! Enjoy your beautiful piece and show it off to your friends and family!

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