how to make hockey stick coffee table

How to Make a Hockey Stick Coffee Table

If you love hockey and DIY projects, why not combine the two and create an awesome hockey stick coffee table? Crafted with authentic hockey sticks, these tables have a unique look and make a great conversation piece. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make a hockey stick coffee table.

Materials Needed

  • Two hockey sticks – Preferably with matching curves
  • Table legs – Choose legs that fit the height and design of your table
  • Plywood – To create a sturdy base for table
  • Screws and bolts – To attach legs, sticks and plywood
  • Sandpaper – To smooth edges and make sure the table is safe
  • Varnish or sealant – To finish the look and make the table waterproof

Steps for Building the Table

  1. Choose two hockey sticks with similar curves. Make sure they are the same length and have a similar shape.
  2. Cut the plywood with a jigsaw. It should be the same size as the hockey sticks with a gap in between them. Make sure to account for the table legs too.
  3. Attach the hockey sticks to the plywood with screws or bolts. Make sure it is tightly secured.
  4. Attach the table legs to the plywood. Again, make sure the legs are tightly secured.
  5. Sand down any rough edges to ensure it is safe for use.
  6. Apply two to three coats of varnish or sealant to the hockey stick table. This will also protect it from water damage.

Finishing Touches

Once the hockey stick table is complete, add some personal touches such as pictures, trophies, and memorabilia. This will make it a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture.

You can also incorporate the hockey sticks into other projects such as headboards, bookshelves and wine racks. Use your imagination to create something unique with your hockey sticks.

Now you know how to make a hockey stick coffee table. With a bit of patience and careful crafting, you’ll have a unique piece of furniture that will give your living room a touch of Hockey Nation flare.

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