how to make glass coffee table

How to Make Glass Coffee Table

Making a glass coffee table is a great way to create a modern and stylish statement in any room. Not only are glass coffee tables beautiful to look at, but with the right instruction and materials, they’re also relatively easy to construct.


  • Glass table top
  • Table legs of your choice
  • Sheet of plywood or MDF
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil or marker
  • Jigsaw
  • Pipe clamps or other clamps
  • Epoxy or construction adhesive
  • Wood screws

Step 1: Choose Your Legs

Begin the process by choosing the legs that you want to use. Common materials include metal or wood. Make sure that you choose a material that can support the thickness and weight of the glass table top.

Step 2 Cut the Plywood / MDF

Measure and mark your sheet of plywood or MDF to the same measurements as your glass table top. Be sure to mark the spots where the table legs will be added. Cut the plywood or MDF with a jigsaw.

Step 3 Attach the Legs

Use your screws to attach the legs to the plywood or MDF. Make sure that the legs are firmly attached so that the glass table won’t wobble.

Step 4 Attach the Glass Table Top

Secure your glass table top to the plywood or MDF using epoxy or construction adhesive. You may also want to use pipe clamps or other clamps to ensure that the adhesive and glass table top dry in their proper place.

Step 5 Allow to Dry and Enjoy

Allow your glass coffee table to dry completely before removing the clamps. Once dry, the glass coffee table is ready to be enjoyed.

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